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No-Deposit Bonuses at Online Casinos

There are times when an online casino will allow a prospective new cash player to engage in action on its games without having to experience any risk, but with the possibility of a bonus coming their way. In cases like this, what the customer is getting is known as a "no-deposit bonus."

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More About No-Deposit Bonuses

There is nothing fraudulent about a no-deposit bonus, in the sense that you really will be able to proceed in the casino without having to spend anything. Or perhaps you are not even going to be playing, and the casino is going to credit your account with the no-deposit bonus anyway.

The key to understanding what this is all about is that you really can't do anything with a no-deposit bonus in the end anyway unless you wind up depositing funds into a real money account. It's just that you don't have to do that FIRST. Do you get that?

A no-deposit bonus may not require a play-through or wagering requirement, but it usually very small. So you may get an offer for a $10 no-deposit bonus that can be added to your account, but as we mentioned, it doesn't really do you any good unless you really DO have an account. And what does it take to open an account? That's right - it takes a deposit. So what you would have to do is use whatever casino deposit methods are available, and what is convenient for you, and put that into your account. Then the no-deposit bonus might be available.

We don't want to lead you the wrong way here; sometimes the "no-deposit bonus" is much larger than just a few bucks. And you may indeed have the opportunity to play the casino games with no risk and actually find yourself some profit. You may have an hour or so to play with this bonus credit and you will be told that whatever you win will put into your real money account. But that comes with limits; in other words, if you really got lucky and won $2000 playing the games with no-risk, you're only going to be able to use about $100 of it when all is said and done. And unless you are able to open up that real money account, whatever you may have won during this no-risk period is going to be worthless to you.

The no-deposit bonus is unquestionably an interesting promotion, and it certainly is fair to a large extent. But it is indeed an inducement to open up an account, and must realistically be thought of that way.

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