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Keno Rules and Online Casinos to Play Keno

Keno has been around almost as long as time itself, having gotten its start in ancient China. It is perhaps best known for being a pastime for the elderly in casinos, but there has been a rebirth as it has been taken to a new dimension with the help of technology and online gambling.

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More About Keno

Yes, keno might be identified with little old ladies, but it is indeed the simplicity of the rules that makes it accessible to just about everybody. There is little to really learn, except the process of picking out numbers, and of course there is the possibility of winning big. There's not a lot of work one has to do, and it can be a very relaxing thing to do.

Your mission in keno is to compile a "ticket" with all the numbers you are choosing. The price of the ticket is going to be the same regardless of how many numbers you have on your ticket

You are allowed to put up to 15 numbers on your ticket. The total pool of numbers is 80, so you have that many to choose from. When it comes time to draw the program is going to select 20 of those numbers, so you are looking to match as many as you can. Your eventual payout is going to be determined by how many numbers you can match.

Basically the only playing decision you make in the game is to select the numbers that go on your ticket. Then it is simply a matter of just sitting back and watching as the numbers are drawn. Different people have different habits when they play keno. Some of them like to play the same numbers each and every time. Some want to spend the extra money and buy multiple tickets for the same draw.

You are playing alone against the house in keno. This is not a "community" game like bingo, where you are going to chat with other players. That also means that you can more or less set your own pace when playing. That's the kind of thing that makes keno online palatable to the younger demographic.

Keno Tips and Advice

Keep in mind that when you pick out more numbers you chances of winning at keno decrease. The challenge of keno that makes it distinct from many games is that you have to strike a certain "balance," if you will, as you have to match enough numbers to make it worthwhile. .

If there are "experts" at keno, their best advice usually is to select between six and eight numbers on your ticket. That would seem to be a manageable total, because it allows for enough of a win, as opposed to a five-number ticket, which doesn't take you past breaking even, and, well, it is not impossible to match numbers in that 6-to-8 range..

The "scientific" approach to picking keno numbers generally isn't the thing that is going to work. There is nothing about numbers that have been chosen previously that has any bearing on numbers that are yet to come. Therefore, you are better off not worrying about so-called patterns that might be taking place in the numbers and instead, you might want to focus on sticking with a series of "lucky numbers" that correspond to something in your life, like your birthday, for instance. That's as good an approach as many, truth be told.

If you have the opportunity to find some bonus that adds value to your game, or some tournaments to participate in, you may want to investigate that very seriously.

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