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High Roller Bonuses at Online Casinos

Online casinos love all kinds of customers, but sometimes those customers are going to want to deposit a lot of money in their account and play at high stakes. There are certain bonuses that are available for these kinds of players, from aggressive casinos that want that kind of business.

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More About High Roller Bonuses

Most players who open up accounts at online casinos are not playing with big money. They have deposited a hundred dollars or two in their account and they are trying their luck at the tables or on the slots for very low stakes. As far as most online casinos are concerned, this is the bread and butter of their existence. But some of these casinos place a value on those customers who want to play with a very big bankroll. Of course they believe that those players have the ability to lose a substantial amount of money to them. So they give them a little incentive to sign up for a real money account.

One of the ways they do this is by way of a high-roller bonus. These bonuses are reserved for those players who are going to deposit a minimum amount of money in an account which are over and above that which the average player will be able to deal with. And the ceilings on these deposits are usually very high.

The interesting thing about these high-roller bonuses is that they don't pay off, on a percentage basis, the same way that a welcome bonus might. While a typical player will be offered 100% on their initial deposit, up to a certain amount, it would be uncommon for a player getting a high-roller bonus to get more than 50%. Online casinos just don't want to offer that much in the way of bonus money, apparently. That kind of makes you wonder why the prospective high-roller wouldn't make a series of deposits that total the amount he or she had originally intended to deposit in the first place, and collect 100% on each of those. Of course, the reason for that is, not many online casinos are going to reward players with multiple 100% bonuses.

High-rollers bonuses are not a big thing everywhere, of course, and it all depends on the philosophy of the casino itself. Some of them would rather not have a big money player; a "whale," if you will, get lucky and impact the bottom line so much.

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