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In many ways, New Zealand is no different than many other countries, in that it does not really make provisions for companies to come in and get licensed as online operators. But there is the ability for residents to play with online casino establishments that are located outside the country.

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This is a country that, because of its own policies, has created something of a "gray area." A piece of legislation known as the Gambling Act of 2003 made provisions to deal with the idea of "remote gambling," which means that it is conducted remotely with the use of a device such as a computer or telephone. Advertising and promoting online gambling is considered to be illegal.

That is, unless it is run by the government itself. There are exceptions to the law in place that allow for a lottery commission and a racing board, but of course those are part of a government agency. Also, TAB, which is state-run, can administer wagering on sporting events. There are heavy fines in store for those who violate the provisions of the Gambling Act of 2003. These fines can amount to as much as $50,000 for any company that is found to be operating illegally, so they are definitely protective about their position.

However, there is nothing in that law that necessarily prohibits those living within New Zealand from playing in online casino websites that are stationed outside the country, so the gambling activity itself is not illegal. And because of that, residents have the chance to take advantage of many of the deals that are available through outstanding casino providers; some of those are being reviewed here on the pages of Online Casino Lobby. These venues offer great bonus programs that pay off in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and the ones we have designated as being focused on New Zealanders will be able to not only deal with the currency but offer customer support that can meet the needs of any resident. This addresses a need that is not being met by the gaming-related businesses that are being operated within the control of the government.

And we should add - good news for those who like to play poker tournaments. The big hangup with the Gambling Act of 2003 has been the distinction that has been made between games of skill and games of chance. And in recent years the courts in New Zealand have determined that poker tournaments are strictly classified as a skill-based activity and even that the .net (free) sites that are associated with poker are not doing anything that should in any way be prohibited, because they are not involved in the promotion of a gambling activity.