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One of the great online gambling markets in the world is the United Kingdom, which has a very rabid audience for casino games and other forms of gambling, as well as a number of prestigious operators.

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Everybody always knew that the United Kingdom was going to be a great jurisdiction for online gaming, and the government took some proactive steps to regulate it in 2005 with the Gambling Act, which created the UK Gambling Commission. There are a number of licenses operators can apply for, and they span the full gamut of gaming. There are over 400 operators currently licensed in the United Kingdom.

This is not to say that everything is so terribly user-friendly. The fees are high, and so are the taxes. In fact, the tax on gambling establishments amounts to 15% of the gross profit. There are also other requirements the licensed operators are asked to comply with. That includes making certain contributions to a public service initiative that centers around preventing problem gambling on the part of residents. There are vast resources for people seeking help to find, and all of it is financed by the online gambling industry in the UK. There is a self-exclusion mechanism built in for players who can't help themselves. Also there must be notifications on the gambling websites themselves about where compulsive gamblers can look to get the help they need.

While it is fine for UK-based gaming operators to advertise their wares in the UK, within certain limits of taste of course, it is NOT legal for companies that are based outside the United Kingdom to advertise gambling to UK residents, unless a special arrangement is made, or they are licensed in a "whitelisted" jurisdiction, which includes Alderney, Antigua, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Tasmania. One proposal that could put a damper on things, which is being pushed by Prime Minister David Cameron, would have UK residents taxed 15% for playing in a casino headquartered in Gibraltar, while at the same time requiring Gibraltar-based operations to get a British license.

For those choosing a UK-based operation, there are a lot of good ones to choose, and some of them already have brick and mortar operations going on within the country. In fact, there are quite a few that have established not only a brand but a reputation as well before even going into the online business.

Many of the online casinos that are reviewed here in Online Casino Lobby are friendly to the UK player, if so designated, and they offer the opportunity to play and receive bonuses in British Pounds, Euros, or any number of other currencies, and they offer customer support in English, of course.

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