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In South Africa, the subject of online gambling is indeed a very hot topic, and although there could be a light at the end of the tunnel as far as regulation is concerned, such is not the case at this very moment. As a result, there are penalties for those who violate the law.

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A case back in 2011 between an online casino and the South African government went to the Supreme Court, and the result of their decision was the online gambling was determined to be illegal. And the National Gambling Board, which regulates other forms of gambling, issued very stern warnings to residents not to gamble online.

They were not fooling around either. In fact, South African citizens were informed that the penalty for violating the law in this regard was going to be 10 million Rand and / or ten years in prison. That's stiff, obviously, but the government was very serious about it.

The position of operators who had been soliciting business from South African residents has been that they aren't necessarily doing anything that is illegal, but that they could not find a way to negotiate a license to operate a legal online gaming operation in the country. Political leaders have actually sought to remedy this situation, through the passage of the National Gambling Amendment Act, which would allow for licenses to be issued to online casino operations. But that was in 2008, and nothing with any finality has happened since. And in fact, plans kind of drifted off into nowhere.

Recently Trade Minister Rob Davies has expressed the desire to create an office that perhaps consisted of a "gaming czar," and for the opportunity for regulations to put some control on advertising of gambling and also to put some restrictions in place to greatly reduce the occurrence of problem gambling. He said that with those kinds of provisions it may be possible to get a bill through Parliament that might address the issue of online gambling regulation.

Customers from South Africa who are interested in online gambling may have some options if they so choose. And they may be able to find some very interesting offers out there. One of the things we do here at Online Casino Lobby is conduct extensive reviews of online casinos. We evaluate a lot of different aspects of it, and come back with recommendations as to which casinos offer the best features, according to what the customer wants. Club SA and SpringBok Casino are two of the great outlets that aim their marketing toward South African players.

There are indeed online casinos that will take deposits in South African Rand (ZAR) and pay bonuses in the same currency. They will have customer support departments that can service the South African player and in some codes, even allow for toll-free telephone contact. We make those kinds of things easy to find; just follow us!

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