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The best way to describe the state of online gambling in Denmark is to say that while the doors are open, they really don't want people in. They will allow operators from foreign countries to solicit Danish customers, but they will do it at a relatively high price, and that has stunted growth.

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The online gaming market in Denmark has undergone many changes. There was a time when there was one company, Danske Spil, controlled by the government, which had a virtual monopoly on all games of chance that could possibly be played. The way it was structured was that Danske Spil would have the games of chance and the land-based casinos would be the only ones that handled games of skill. However, because of Denmark's membership in the European Union, the monopoly could be challenged in court, and that is exactly what happened in the European Court of Justice in 2008, with the result that the online gambling market was opened up to an extent.

However, just to show they weren't really all that crazy about the intrusion, the Danish parliament imposed onerous tax requirements upon these companies. Companies who wanted to put up land-based casinos were part of this as well, and they were being taxed up to 75% of the gross, while the internet operators faced a tax of 20%. Of course, the land-based operators objected to this, but so did the online operators, because it was simply a high tax across the board. In addition to this, Danske Spil was going to retain a monopoly on certain aspects of gaming, and that was not appealing to most of the new entrants either.

At one point it was required that any online company that wanted to operate in Denmark (i.e., take bets from Danish residents) have an office physically located in Denmark, but that proved to be unfeasible, so that part of the law was made much less restrictive. However, there have been efforts made to block those operators who are not licensed, as well as shutting off banks from gambling-related transactions that involve those entities.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to follow the reviews that we provide here at Online Casino Lobby, where you can located some of the best deals with online casinos that can service residents of Denmark. These sites will allow players to complete their deposit transactions in Danish Krona, as well as make bonuses available in that currency and the Euro as well. Plus, for Danish players, they have a comprehensive customer support apparatus, which in many cases speaks the language and has toll-free telephone contact available for patrons. This is the kind of thing that can make you much more comfortable in the gaming experience.

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