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Realtime Gaming is an interesting company to take a look at, because this outfit, which is now headquartered in Costa Rica, is one of the few that has tailored its software to accommodate the action of players who are based in the United States, and therefore it has capitalized on filling a need for the world's largest online gambling market.

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To be more specific about it, RTG, as the company is more widely known, leaves the decision as to jurisdictional laws open to the licensee to determine. Therefore, if a customer wants to permit U.S. action, they can. If they wish not to, well, they don't have to do that either. This is a company that has been around for quite a while; in fact, they began earlier than many of its competitors, as an Atlanta-based outfit back in 1998. Since then, RTG has been through more than a couple of changes of venue, to the point where now it is located in Costa Rica, which is most certainly a center for the online gambling industry.

When people talk about the games that are offered at RTG, the first thing that really comes to mind is the "Real Series" of slot games. That is one of the strengths of its overall offering, and it is a very complete selection of graphically-superior games. And here is an interested feature to them: they award random jackpots, so the player does not have to do any special to score a big payout; he or she just has to be present and accounted for and playing one of the games. RTG likes to be generous with the "free spins" feature on many of its games as well. There are more than a couple games on its menu in which will award up to a hundred free spins to the player, through the regular free spins bonus plus the re-triggering of additional spins once you get into that round.

We are not going to sit here and tell you that the collection of table games is the most robust on earth, but the fact is that they are imaginative. One of them is European blackjack, which is a perfect companion to the somewhat standard that most players, especially in the U.S., will be most comfortable with. These games can be played with a download or in the "instant play" mode through a browser. RTG has a lot of fun with video poker as well; in fact, that is a great favorite of American audiences because it allows them to play big - up to as hundred hands at a time in many cases. So when this company professes to "Take Gaming Seriously," you know precisely what they are talking about.

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