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Sweden is market that hasn't fully developed as far as online gambling is concerned, although there are plans to implement something by the end of 2014. As it stands, there are restrictions that are put forth on the players themselves that would seem intrusive by U.S. standards, but the government is at least looking into widespread regulation.

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Sweden is a country that fits the description of many in the European Union (EU), in that it has sought a monopoly on gaming-related activities, but has found that challenged by virtue of its membership in the EU. Two companies essentially controlled the market, and those companies were agencies of the government. But the European Court of Justice determined that this was too restrictive, and that has forced the Swedish government to go about seeking ways to open their own market up through legislation.

The custom, of course, is that they do this grudgingly, so as a result one can see that there are going to be some regulations in place that will put some restraints upon operators, as well tax rates that will be rough to deal with.

The government understands that its citizens are playing online casino games and poker with operators who are located elsewhere. And such an understanding is part of the new laws. But there are some things that the customers themselves have to be ready for. One of them is that when they win money in online poker tournaments, it is considered to be a game of skill, and as such the player will be taxed at a rate of 50%, since it is going to be termed as "professional income." Otherwise, when it is played in most other jurisdictions it is taxed 30%.

There are also limits as to how many hours Swedes can play and how much money they can actually lose, which is something that doesn't make the "foreign" operators overly happy either. Yet, they are going to accommodate them.

People from Sweden can nonetheless find some very good online casino to play with and some very good deals to take advantage of. What we do here at Online Casino Lobby is to make recommendations as to which casinos to play, and also which casinos may be specifically appropriate for play within a particular country. For example, you will see on these pages that there are casinos that will afford residents of Sweden to make deposits using Swedish Krona, and may even be able to pick up their bonuses that way as well. Customer support is always a big part of choosing an online casino to play at, and the establishments reviewed on these pages have developed a reputation for quality customer service, able to help people, in most cases, in various languages. Also, many of the casinos have a toll-free number at which you can reach them. We won't steer you wrong!

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